A Book, By Me

Maybe people thought I was making it up when I said in a couple of recent posts – the few I’ve written as of late – that I was busy finishing a book and was, for now, focussing my attention on that. Maybe I did not believe it myself. After all, I began writing A Jaded Lily more than ten years ago, but as I’ve said before, writing has always been put aside for the benefit of making a real living, so it had been long languishing when I finally decided to resurrect it and see if any part of it could be salvaged. There were only 163 completed pages, but I had more than 40 of notes of how I wanted it to play out and end, so rather than continuing with my blog or write a new book (which I actually started), I decided I may never be able to move on or stop wondering did I not first allow Lily to live, to see out her story on the page.

People who have read my blog will be surprised and may even be shocked. It’s fiction of the highest order, though underpinned by details of a few industries and locations I know exceptionally well. Though Lily is Chinese, she could be any girl or boy, anywhere in the world, as I state in the foreword. “She is a subject of her birth, a product of her environment and a victim of her desires, both material and physical.” It may be the physical with which some readers take issue as there is a substantial amount of sex, though not for gratuitous reasons; this is about the things we trade, compromise and sacrifice in life in pursuit of that one singular shiny object we feel holds the secret to our lasting happiness, success.

For those of you who have been so wonderful and supportive in reading my blog and yes – helping support my dream with your words of encouragement – there are a few selected excerpts available on the book’s website, AJadedLily.Com. (You can also link directly from there to the book on Amazon, both for┬áKindle and in paperback). The snapshots of the story provided may appear shallow or glossy, self-reflecting or even navel-gazing, but I wanted to be careful not to choose passages which gave away plot twists, were sexually explicit or – very frankly – could not benefit from some of the photographs I take during my travels.

It will most assuredly not be to everyone’s taste. But it’s mine, and it’s done. And for now, that’s all that matters to me.