Celebrity Disparity

What’s that you say, my fragile snowflake?
Upset no one cares, though your outrage is fake?

You’re not different, hun, it’s a thing called life.
You’re bad hair day doesn’t qualify as strife.

Is your father in jail or your mother on crack?
Are you afraid of your partner because you think they might snap?

Do you wander all day just looking for clean water,
Or loathe your “one child” because, oops, it’s a daughter?

Were you born in the slums and raised by strangers?
Would you not recognize life if it weren’t filled with danger?

Do your hear a noise, drop to your knees and cower?
Was your worst ever shower comprised of gun-powder?

If your answer is “no” to all of these questions,
Then I hope you’ll take my only suggestion.

Give up on the pout and stop all the whining,
And get over yourself, Miss Hollywood & Vining.